Imagine taking your game to a whole new level…doing better in school…being a safer driver… just by doing the EyePerformance visual skills training program. Imagine….. gaining the edge!


· Confidence
· Higher grades
· A love for reading

Has your child seen any of those lately?

If not, the heart of the problem might be something you never considered – a visual skills problem. And it's very easy to miss the symptoms. Kids who have visual skills problems can be misdiagnosed as lazy, clumsy or dyslexic. They're told that they aren't trying hard enough in their studies when in fact, they're trying harder than ever.

Statistics say that 70% of kids with reading and learning challenges have undetected vision problems and many have nothing to do with the eye chart but have to do with visual skills. So what do you do next? There's just one way to know for certain if the problem is a visual learning disability – turn to the EyePerformance System.

Studies show computer visual skills training improves the way your two eyes work together which has been shown to improve academics and reading skills. See our testimonials and success stories from happy parents. Even the Chief of Ophthalmology at Harvard has recommended doing vision training early on for reading problems.


Did you ever think your vision might be the one thing that is holding you back from performing at your peak?

It's OK. Many athletes don't. You've probably thought about things like aerobic capacity, endurance, strength, muscle tone and flexibility. But in so many sports where a split-second's timing can make all the difference, exceptional visual skills are a must. In fact, many studies show that professional athletes have much better depth perception, hand-eye coordination and other visual skills than non-athletes.

That's where sports vision training can take you from “good” to “exceptional” with a program that actually trains your vision to a point where you can truly excel in your particular sport.

Talent, training and commitment get you far. EyePerformance Sports Vision Training can get you to the top.

Develop and enhance eye movement skills, eye focusing skills, peripheral vision, visual memory, visual tracking, visual concentration, speed of recognition, reaction times, dynamic visual acuity, fixation, binocularity, visual memory, visual endurance and stamina.

Studies have shown that vision training improves team batting averages and sports performance. Eye Performance is being used by the Minn Twins and the St Louis Cardinals. The Twins teams the Miracle and The Kernels improved team BA by 35 and 19 points respectively by the all star break last year. The University of Cincinnati and US Air Force Academy report similar results in their studies. See out testimonials and success stories and other pros who use Eye Performance System.

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· SLOW the game down... the ball appears to be bigger and move slower
· TRACK the ball better


Visual skills training improves driving safety. Studies show reductions in car accidents and improved braking distance of 22 feet at 55 mph. Many of my clients tell me in looking back that my visual skills training program is the best thing they ever did. So what are you waiting for?! Go to “GET STARTED NOW” and start yourself or a loved one on a journey to a new level of performance and achievement!

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EyePerformance is a patent pending system not intended for the purpose of improving your eyesight or getting rid of your glasses. According to Prevent Blindness, 50% of all blindness is preventable so it is important to maintain regular visits with your eyecare provider. If you have any pre-existing medical eye conditions consult your eye doctor before you use EyePerformance. If you feel pain while using EyePerformance consult with your eye doctor. The red/blue glasses are meant only to be used with the EyePerformance system.